SORD Performance Coilover Product Overview

Hydraulic Coilover System Overview

    • Can be mounted anywhere a normal coilover would mount as long as lengths and clearances are checked as these are rather large in body. Uses traditional 1.5” wide mounting tabs and ½” bolts to mount.

  • These are NOT application specific, so please don’t ask if these will fit your 2002 Chevy 1500, etc, etc because modification WILL need to be made to make them work on any vehicle.  Because of that, these can fit anything you want them to with the proper suspension modifications.  So basically, these are not limited to certain model trucks.  Anything you can dream of putting them on is a candidate!
  • These are for customers likely already considering other brand coilovers or air
    bags and are a great alternative to gain adjustability.
  • The coilover portion is similar in size to a 3.0 Fox or King coilover.  The upper hydraulic portion is 4.375” in OD so these are rather large!
  • The hydraulic cylinders in EACH coilover are rated to lift 18,000 pounds.
  • This a coilover SYSTEM, not just coilovers…so it comes with the components
    needed to make the coilovers adjust up and down via hydraulic pumps.
  • Here’s what the “system” contains…

•  (4) 3.0 coilovers
•  Eibach 3.75″ I.D. coils specifically rated for your application
•  Metal SORD badges uncoated, ready to powderSORD 3.0 Hydraulic Coilover System for lifted trucks
•  Electroless nickel plated (gold as an option)
•  (2) Dayton 12 volt pumps
•  Reservoir for the pumps
•  Manifold
•  All essential wiring
•  Hydraulic lines
•  Fittings
•  All other essential components / etc.


  • We work closely with a company called Ride Controller to give wireless adjustment capabilities to these. With their app, you can Bluetooth these to your phone and adjust from there!! Because some customer already have Ride Controller for other uses on their truck, this is not included. However we do offer it for those wanting that feature added at an additional cost.
  • How much does all this cost???  These retail at $10,995 for the complete system that is listed above. No other coilover on the market offers this kind of ride height adjustability for your lifted truck!!!
  • We are working on a 2.5” version of these that will be 12” of travel for those wanting a slightly smaller model
  • To give lift ideas, if you installed these 3.0’s in your F250, you can use low profile coilover mounting (available from our dealers) to get the front down to 9.5” of lift at the low setting. The 2.5” version will get the lift height down to 7.5”.
  • How tall can you go?? Depends on what you want your low setting to be. These have 6” of hydraulic adjustment, so whatever you want your low height to be, add 6” to know what your max height will be. For instance, we have a customer running 14” at the low setting, so he’s able to go to 20” at the high setting.
  • Ride…..these ride amazing.  We pair them with the best ingredients out there. Because they are a coilover, you can dial the ride in with different spring rates too as you’re not limited there.  We have a good feel for what spring rate you’ll likely want, but we can pair these with whatever spring rate you choose.
  • THESE RIDE THE SAME AT ANY HEIGHT YOU CHOOSE!!! Because the coilover is separate from the hydraulic portion (even though it is contained in one unit), you are always riding on a coilover.  So at the low setting, the high setting, or anywhere in between, your spring rate is unchanged
  • These will never leave you stranded like other adjustable suspensions “can”. In the event of a catastrophic failure of the system, you can still drive your truck since you are riding on the static coilover under the hydraulic portion.

We have tried to tackle the top bullet points here.  Any other questions or concerns you may have, feel free to contact us via email.  As we get asked more, we may update this section to answer other popular questions.